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The Ultimate Portable Party Speaker

Do You Have A Party In Your Pocket?
'Cause We Do!

What Is Pocket Party?

Pocket Party is the world’s best pocket-sized bluetooth speaker combining a bass-centric, unbelievably powerful sound with an integrated light show that can start a party anywhere, anytime.

  • Cutting-edge X-Bass™ technology that features an expandable chamber to amplify the sound.
  • Vibrations to turn any hollow surface into a subwoofer for deep bass that defies the speaker’s size.

Pocket Party features a colorful light show that intelligently synchronizes with the music being played, and offers user-programmability and four preset modes:

  • "Beats", “Party”, “Mood Light” and “Lamp” making it easy to get a party started anywhere from your dorm room to your office.
  • It includes a suction cup, IPX4 splash-proof certification, karabiner and bike-mount strap, making it truly the Swiss Army Knife of portable bluetooth speakers!

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About Pocket Party

Party Pocket employs these innovative technologies to make it the best portable Bluetooth speaker with the most powerful oomph!

  • When expanded the air space of the Pocket Party triples to significantly improve the mids and lows. It also has a built-in bass port to boost the bass.
  • The vibration mode couples the low frequency to a surface to turn it into a subwoofer, producing stunning bass.
  • The output power is 4.5W driven by a 2” dual-coil driver, making it sound like a speaker 3-5 times its size.

Pocket Party has four light visualization modes: Beats, Party, Mood Light and Lamp.

  • In Beats mode four sets of LED form many dynamic patterns automatically match the music in an intelligent way.
  • In Party mode strobe lights kick in to create a dance club atmosphere.
  • In Mood Light mode it breathes slowly and still syncs with the music for a romantic touch.
  • In Lamp mode it acts as a torch, perfect for your bed side table, camping, or even taking selfies.

Pocket Party Features

Suction Cup

The suction cup helps Pocket Party stick to any clean, flat, non-porous surface. It’s also bendable to act as an iPad stand.


Its IPX4 safety certification means Pocket Party is splashproof, able to handle a spilled drink or for use in the shower. Just don’t take it into the pool!


Pocket Party is versatile and able to adapt to any situation. Its bike-mount strap makes it easy to take anywhere and the flexible silicon design can bend to position as a tablet stand and Bluetooth speaker.